Most websites about individual engines are either because they were famous or are today preserved.

5028 was “Unsung” and is long gone, but she was well liked by the Great Western footplate men who drove and fired her. She worked mainly in the Newton Abbot & Laira Areas.

The following pages trace her story from “Birth” in 1934 to her untimely “Death” in 1960.

The Torbay Express

Magazine clipping and images for the “Torbay Express”.

The earliest engineman’s memories so far traced are those of Percy Haywood who was firing from 1946. “It was always a double home turn and my regular mate was Bert Pope.”

Percy remembers the ‘Castle’ class with affection. “The best engines we had at Newton [Abbot] were 5024 and 5028 - they were exceptionally good engines and used regularly on the ‘Torbay’ [Express]”.

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